limoncello (part one)

Started a batch of Limoncello a couple days ago. It's a sweet lemony italian cordial. Best served over crushed ice. (I've ordered myself a hand crank ice crusher.) Limoncello is simple and inexpensive to make it just requires a bit of patience. This batch takes 47 days. Limoncello

One Dozen Lemons (or more if you have them, up to 20)

1 bottle ever clear or other 190 proof grain alcohol

1 bottle mid grade vodka

(in 40 days you will be adding about 4 cups sugar and water)

Wash, scrub and dry Lemons. With a peeler, carefully remove yellow zest/peel. NO WHITE PITH. You want only the yellow part of the peel or else your lovely limoncello will be bitter. I recommend a peeler to a micro plane because its easier to strain and I like to use the large pieces to test for doneness, but its personal preference. Place peels in large clean glass jar. Pour in bottle of vodka and bottle of ever clear. Cover and label with the date. Place in cool dry dark place for 40 days. Stir around day 20. On day 40 fish out a large peel and give it a pinch. If it breaks it's ready, if it bends it's not and check back in a week.

I'll return to this in 40 days when I'll be straining, making and adding simple syrup, letting it rest for a week and then crushing ice and bottling it up for friends.