Saffron Pasta

The first time I made pasta I was about 10 years old.  I over cooked it and it was a mushy mess but my parents ate it anyway like it was great because that is what family does.  Homemade pasta is like love in food form.  People have been making it for their families and loved ones for hundreds of years.

It's easy to make, not as easy as opening a box of dried spaghetti but simple in technique.  It's just time consuming and messy.  I use a hand crank pasta machine(read the directions!)  but you can also roll it out with a rolling pin.  Just make sure to roll it out so thin you can see through it.

Saffron Pasta

2 cups flour

2 extra large eggs

1/2 teaspoon saffron threads

salt and pepper

On a clean flat work surface make a little pile of all your flour.  Make a well and crack eggs into this well.  Sprinkle saffron threads, salt and black pepper.  Gently whisk eggs and then work the flour together.  Dough will become sticky and tacky.  Knead dough until smooth.  Cut into 4 pieces.

It's REALLY helpful if you have someone to help you with this part.  Run each of your 4 dough portions through the pasta machine on the widest setting.  Fold in half and do it again until smooth.  Flour machine and dough if it sticks.  Run dough through each setting, decreasing one at a time.  You will now have 4 sheets of pasta.  Run it through the fettucine cutter.

You now have two options: cook it now, boiling it for about 1 minute or hang it up and dry it.

I hung up a string under my kitchen shelf and hung the pasta up to dry.  It will still take about  three minutes to cook.

I prepared this with butter, lemon and garlic with a little parmesan grated on top.