DIY Branch Jewelry Organizer

I made one of these years ago and always meant to post a tutorial. It's a simple organizer for jewelry or keys made from a found tree branch. I painted mine white but you could customize yours by painting it any color, leaving it natural or even dry brushing different colors. 


a dry branch, bark removed

1/2" or 3/4" brads (length and quantity depend on branch size)

white acrylic paint

paint brush

cotton kitchen string




1. wipe branch with cloth to remove any dust or dirt

2. Use hammer to add brads as you like. (Placing a folded towel between the branch and your work surface helps absorb some of the blow. 

3. Once all brads are nailed in, paint white. I used two coats. Let dry. 

4. Once dry, experiment with different hanging styles. I like a bit of string wrapped around each end and then each side it hung on the wall with it's own nail.