News + Updates!

Hello everyone!

 I have so many new things to report!  May/June just flew by, didn't they?  

First, you might have noticed Meats and Sweets is looking a little different.  I had been toying with new logos, fonts and colors for a while and finally decided to try it out.  I hope you like it!  

Second, you're going to start seeing more variety in posts, things beyond food and recipes. (Still lots of recipes - Don't worry!)  You can expect posts on travel, DIYs, life hacks, fashion, beauty and travel.  

In other news, I was recently diagnosed with a rare auto immune condition called Still's Disease.  It's an auto immune disorder with symptoms of fever, muscle aches, joint pain/swelling, sore throat and rash.  You can read about it here.  As an active, healthy person it was a big surprise.  I'm currently working with a doctor and researching on my own ways to manage this new condition.  If you have Stills - I'd love to hear your story.  (Please feel free to comment or message me!) 

One way I'm trying is to manage my symptoms is through an anti inflammatory diet. There are a few different versions but all prohibit gluten, dairy and nightshades.  I'm also looking into the Auto Immune Protocol Diet (AIP).  From what I've read, it's based on the paleo diet and excludes all possible food allergens that can inflame and trigger the immune system.  This means no eggs, dairy, gluten, nightshades, grains, nuts, legumes, sugar, caffeine, alcohol... It's really just vegetables, fruit and meat.  After 8 weeks on the diet, new foods are slowly introduced back in and effects evaluated.  It seems like a good way to find out if certain foods are inflammation triggers or not.  Anyone tried it?  Thoughts?  

So, get ready for some healthy gluten, dairy and nightshade free recipes coming your way!  I've already started working on some good ones and I'm open to requests! 

Thanks so much for reading!  xo Mea