Beach Vacation Getaway

It's that time of year!  Every year, right after the holidays, Cam and I book a beach vacation.  This year we are heading to Mexico.  It's the best - it gives me something to look forward and obsess over though this chilly winter season.  I've been working out, eating well, doing everything not to catch the office cold like making sure to get enough sleep and researching all the fun things we're going to do.  I REALLY like planning.  For me, it's almost as good as the vacation itself.  Do you know what I mean?  It's nice to be really excited about something.  

In addition to planning, I've also been on the hunt for some new beach vacation clothing and accessories.  Here's a few that I think anyone else heading to warmer places might like too:

1.  Travel Journal.  Cam and I started bringing one on our trips and it's really fun to write and sketch about how we spend our beachy days.  I love this mermaid one.  So pretty.  

2. Turkish Towels because then you don't have to subtly kidnap your hotel bath towel on your adventures beyond the resort.  It's also nice to have a towel for your beach lounger and one for drying off.  A turkish towel rolls up super small so it's easy to pack and doubles as a wrap for the pool and a blanket for the plane. 

3. Caftans!  This blue one or this white lace number because they are the best.  So comfortable and everyone looks great in them.  A nice step up from my usual (and beloved!) black yoga pants.  I'd wear the hell out of that white one once the weather warms up back here in nyc, too. 

sandal flat.jpg
cam heel sandal.jpg

4. Simple, comfortable sandals for daytime.  These are classic and go with everything. Easy to get on and off is key here.  

5. Something a little more striking for when you change for dinner. I'm always partial to anything with a stud or jewel, like these.


6. Instant gratification with this cute camera.  Capture all the beautiful and interesting situations you find yourself in - just remember to bring enough film. 

7. A big sun hat because when else do you get to wear one? This one sends the right message. 

8. Beach bag.  I'm that person at the airport, using my beach bag as a purse, wearing socks under my sandals.  This blue striped one is made with responsibly sourced materials.  This one has a great tassel.  And this one I would add my own tassel to. 

9. Very moisturizing hair mask because your hair is going to sizzle and the hotel shampoo/conditioner doesn't care. This one is made of natural ingredients and smells great. 

10. A new bathing suit.  Apparently, we're all wearing one pieces now.  I love the tiny straps on the back of this one and this one for running down the beach in slow motion.  Really though, my heart belongs to this scalloped bikini.