Things are about to get a little good witch, new age-y over here.  Roll your eyes if you must but good energy is very important to me.  I'm really into vibes.  Creating and basking in the good ones, banishing and being cautious of the bad ones.  Crystals, chanting, candles, deep focused energy and smudging are all great for creating a positive environment. 

Smudging is, in my opinion, the best way to cleanse yourself, your space and your things of bad energy.  I do it whenever the mood strikes me.  Smudging uses the smoke of material with cleansing properties, like sage, to remove any negative energy that might be lurking about.  I will cleanse my home and myself.  For my method, you will need a flame, a fireproof bowl, a bundle of dried sage and something to fan the smoke with like your hand, a card or a feather.  

1. Crack open a window somewhere so the bad energy has somewhere to go.  Light the end of the sage bundle, let it burn for about 30 seconds and blow it out but do not completely extinguish.   You want the ember burning and smoking like incense or a cigar.  

2. Hold the bundle over a fireproof bowl to catch any ash or escaped embers.  Gently fan the smoke over and around yourself first.  Then continue onto your home or  area you wish to cleanse.  State your purpose as you go.  I like to have an intention that I vocalize over and over while I smudge - much to Chibi and Cameron's amused bewilderment.  (Yes, you do look a little nuts when doing this so feel free to do this alone or put up a sign.  Caution; chanting ahead...?)

3.  Pick a spot to start in and make your way around the perimeter.   Pay special attention to corners.  

4.  Finish your ritual by smudging yourself once more.  Extinguish the sage bundle.  Close the window.  

Need some supplies?  I have just put up a few one of a kind smudge bowls in my etsy shop. Take a look if you like. xo