Father's Day Gift Guide

It's Father's Day this Sunday. Are you ready to fire up the grill, enjoy some family time and raise a glass to Dad? I've rounded up a few gift ideas any pop would love. 

1. A fun summer shift. The crazier the better, in my opinion but I'll leave that up to you. I aim for something he will like but wouldn't necessarily pick out for himself. 

2. Meat. It's a little cliche, but seriously, who wouldn't be thrilled with a jerky of the month club membership? Or a small cooler filled with a selection of grass fed meats each sealed in vacuum packs? You can ask your butcher shop to cryovac everything individually. 

3. Grilling Tools. You can either go fancy with a monogramed, james bond style case of grill tools, practical with a portable mini charcoal grill or fun with campfire roasting sticks. 

4. A hammock for relaxing in outside. Napping, reading and star gazing are all better in a hammock. 

Hammock with Stand, Ikea, $110

Hammock with Stand, Ikea, $110

5. An unusual plant. Think bonsai, fruiting tree, cactus or something unique. 

I hope you enjoyed the list! Gifts are nice but the most important thing is just calling to say hi and send love or if I can, spending quality time with the lovely people who raised me. (Thanks Mom + Dad!! I think you're so great!)